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From our DIG Members
Jech AP – DIG Member
"I have been involved with Blue Ridge Labs and DIG since 2017. This company is full of heart, innovation, dreams and talent! What has motivated me to participate and collaborate with DiG is that this is a place where brilliant minds come together to change lives and communities. Im passionate about helping my community and working with others who collectively work to make it happen! Here we: Think it, Dream it, Build it!"
Germaine A Baron - DIG Member
Blue Ridge Labs and The DIG program empowers individuals and community with the tools and information to meet the needs of employment, housing, standard living, and community enhancement in today's society. I've come to identify and understand that programs like Blue Ridge are essential because it develops products and programs as well as incentives to motivate, enrich and help communities succeed. It’s not the people that the program employs that makes the program, but rather the people they work with (Dig Members) that makes the program. We work together to find solutions. That's why I like to thank Blue Ridge Labs/ DIG staff for there unconditional support.There is a battle to combat societies struggles.  Blue Ridge and Dig actively seeks to successfully create ways to engage and improve community development. Blue Ridge Labs/DIG is right by your side, telling you it'll all be all right
Malina Nagasar - DIG Member
“My experience being a DIG member goes way back and I love my entire journey with them. This is the only platform where I, a woman of color and of Indian decent, am able to voice any concerns and genuinely be heard. I’ve brought several ideas to the table and the staff were neither judgemental or discriminatory. They were always helpful, willing to listen and explore various ways to help the community.”

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